Lohit Somkuwar

Lohit Somkuwar - ( Jr. first Officer )

I am feeling so delighted to inform you that I have joined GoAir in Type Rated Vacancy.
Sim Check was the last stage for recruitment process which I could do it with an ease.
This all could have been possible because of world class facilities and high standard of training given at our FSTC, Gurgaon.
Thanks a lot for all the support.
Hope to see you soon for Company Training in coming days.

Jasmine Pushkarna

Jasmine Pushkarna - ( Sr Trainee Pilot )

I feel very fortunate for successfully completing my Airbus 320 Type Rating in September 2014 from FSTC Gurgaon. I started my training in the month of July 2014 & completed my training on CBT, fixed flight simulator and full motion simulator. During this time I felt that FSTC support structure and training was excellent. Capt. D.S. Basron provides excellent & professional management of centre.
All instructors who taught me for ground classes were extremely professional & always supported for clearing my doubts. I did my type rating under Capt. P.K. Sinha, who had been extremely dedicated & supportive. My success is due to his professional approach, extensive knowledge & skill on Airbus along with positive outlook. I express my deep gratitude to Capt. Sinha for developing my flying skills & confidence to handle extraordinary emergency situations while flying.
I am thankful to FSTC technical & support staff for playing a crucial direct or indirect role for successful completion of my Airbus 320 Type Rating.
Based upon my skill set during simulator check & subsequent interview, I have been hired by Air India ltd as senior trainee pilot (Airbus 320 endorsed) and credit goes to my instructors who provided me with skill set & confidence in flying Airbus 320.
To summarise, FSTC is a wonderful TRTO which provides an extensive Type Rating course in Indian skies with professional outlook, excellent communication, well run and managed, designed to give what you need: A job in the airline industry.


ANU RAJ - ( Jr First Officer )

It gives me immense pleasure that I have been selected in IndiGo as JFO and have also cleared the sim check for Air India as well. I did my IR Renewal from FSTC, Gurugram in September 2017, I am thankful to FSTC for maintaining high standard of training and providing with necessary guidance and support. I sincerely appreciate the level of comfort and the gratitude extended towards the training.
I wish them great success for all their future endeavors.

Sachin Shah

Sachin Shah - ( Sr Trainee Pilot )

FSTC’s training facilities, simulators and equipment are fabulous. I had great instructors who cleared all my doubts and had great knowledge of the Airbus.Their knowledge is extremely vast and delivery of the subject is amazing.
It was an intense course for sure but I found that if you put the work into it, they support you all the way.
I have had a very good experience with the TRTO.
I would highly recommend FSTC for type rating..

Kamlesh Telreja

Kamlesh Telreja - ( Jr First Officer )

I would like to thank FSTC for providing world class training here in India. Special thanks to the instructors who are very professional and ethical towards imparting training to their students !!!

Ankita Jadav

Ankita Jadav - ( Sr Trainee Pilot )

After searching a lot of training institutes,I Came across FSTC a perfect combination of experience and professionalism.The ambience of FSTC is one of its kind.The trainers are highly experienced and easily accessible in case of doubts.Personally i would thank Capt P. K. Sinha who was my trainer as the skills I have developed and the knowledge I have acquired under his instructions was really appreciable. FSTC ensures training in time without compromising its quality...!!!!

Swarupa Vishwanath

Swarupa Vishwanath - ( Sr. Trainee Pilot )

am very fortunate to have done my training from FSTC, I had a very good experience with my training , the quality of training is fantastic and the instructors are really helpfull with good knowledge and very friendly.I had no issues in solving my doubts as they were always ready to help,they really understand what the student needs and take care of it.Even with the busy schedules they helped me finish my training in time and prepared for my sim check and it was really easy for me to get a job in Air India. I would surely recommend anyone to do their rating here because after completion of training i am sure one feels that it was worth joining here ! I would like to specially thank Capt Theo and Artemious for being great instructors! Overall I would like to express my gratitue to FSTC for my success!"

Kriti Gupta

Kriti Gupta - ( Sr Trainee Pilot )

I decided to do a type rating on the Airbus A320 as I felt it would be the best possible opportunity for a job in the airline industry and after much research and review of other training centers I decided FSTC. I felt, even before attending the course, that I had made the right decision. That feeling was fully justified after completing the whole endorsement.

Great quality of training throughout. Proficient and professional. Instructors are helpful and have vast amount of knowledge. The organisation of the course, the Briefings and De Briefings and the Instruction and all of the handouts were exceptional. We even got to practice Sim sessions just before Air India Sim Check which was highly beneficial ,so much so, that I cleared my Sim Check with flying colors and got through Air India. .

I am very honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of FSTC and be around wonderful people.

Highly recommended.

Ninad Gogate

Ninad Gogate - ( Jr First Officer )

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to FSTC Gurgaon. I planned to do my Airbus 320 type rating and hence approached FSTC for the purpose.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a very well equipped set up and experienced through professionalism at every step. The method of imparting knowledge was extremely systematic and one could see that there were well laid down procedures. The simulators, MFTD and in fact all the equipment was well maintained. The faculty was competent and it was always a pleasure training under them. Initially I was told that it would take about 45 days to complete my Airbus 320 training and 45 days it was!!!
I would also like to thank all the faculty and staff for sharing their experiences and knowledge to help me understand the aviation sector in a better way and actively guide me to achieve my goals.
I would say FSTC is ‘the place’ if one has to upgrade ones flying skill and get a type rating!
What better proof could there be, than the fact that after training from here, I am now on the reserve list of Air India and in the process of selection with other airlines as well!!

Mandeep Kaur

Mandeep Kaur - ( Sr. Trainee Pilot )

As I transition to the next phase as an Airline Pilot, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the FSTC team who have helped me through this journey which completed on the 6th of January 2016.
Capt. D.S. Basraon and Mrs. Jyotsana Chaudhary provided excellent support in every aspect and stage of the type rating process.
I was privileged to be a student of Capt. P.K. Sinha. My success is due to his extraordinarily extensive and skillful knowledge on Airbus along with a positive outlook. He made sure that I could endure the extreme pressures inside the cockpit and handle emergency situations while flying. I will never be able to thank him enough to make me believe in myself.
I would like to thank Mrs. Jyotsana and Capt. P.K. Sinha for providing me with the guidance on cracking the AIR INDIA selection exam. The expert guidance and personal attention was unparalleled.
The FSTC technical and support teams created a very positive environment during the type rating. The instructors during the ground classes went all out to help us understand and master technical and performance related aspects of the aircraft.
FSTC is a pioneer TRTO which provides extensive type rating courses, giving excellence in knowledge to fly with a professional outlook.

Nishant Baliyan

Nishant Baliyan - ( Sr. Trainee Pilot )

In a time when updating our knowledge and expertise is very important, FSTC guided me through this stage. The level of training and facilities provided here, match the expectations. Capt. Basron and his team of experienced pilots take special interest into the needs of every individual and the training program. Every stage of training is well crafted and organized. Trainees here get access to latest facilities and benefit from the vast experience and knowledge of the instructors. I would also want to thank the staff of FSTC who were very cooperative and helpful with important things like filling the paperwork for DGCA endorsement to scheduling of the sessions. I am very grateful to team FSTC who helped me achieve my dream. It’s the right place to pursue type rating hands down…