flight simulation training in gurgaon

Mission Statement

To be the leading Full Flight Simulator Training establishment, thereby to achieve and sustain global standards of Aviation Safety, by strictly adhering to laid down norms in the field of Full Flight Simulator Training, duly endorsed by Director General Civil Aviation, India

  • To be one of the premier Aviation Training Centre in India
  • Contribute to aviation safety and efficiency
  • Provide our clients with the highest quality of training services.


  • Offering Airlines a flight training location close to their home operating base, without capital investment.
  • To reduce the overall training cost.
  • To improve the availability of Operation Staff.
  • Honing the basic piloting skills through Quality Training, so as to develop a local source of pilots.
  • Training to support new airplane deliveries, into the country and the region.
  • Ensuring success of  Aviation Industry, in India and in the Region, by fostering a talent pipeline of capable and well-trained Aviation professionals.
  • Adapting and Configuring Training for Future Generations.
  • Tailor made Training programs to enable airplane operators to take optimum advantage of the innovative features of the latest fleet.
  • Offerings Integrated drive for optimized performance, efficiency and safety through advanced Flight Training.