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 FSTC, s Differential Learning Pedagogy                                                                                           

FSTC uses addinational devices and updated simulator software

  • Use of Flight Training Devices to learn procedures.

FSTC provides at no extra cost addional training on MFTD (Maintenacne/pilot Flight Training Devise) for A320 and IPT (Instrument Procedure Trainer) for B 737. These fixed panel trainers are a replica of the cockpit where the trainee learns all procedures in a realistic enviornment before starting FFS (Full Flight Simulator). This greatly improves the quality of tarining and less strain on the pupil.

  • Simulator Versions

The software version of simulator plays an important role in airline selection.FSTC simulators use the sofware operational with the airlines and greatly helps during simulator evaltions by the airline. Older version of simulators have limited features and not in compliance with latest aircraft standards which are mainly associated with Flight Systems & Controls. Pupils trained on older version may fall into a category of Differential Training post completion of their simulators due to upgraded FMS in aircraft of airlines. Differential training may impose additional expenses and time loss which leads to delay in airline induction.

  • Post Rating support: Free Prep Classes – Free Ground classes and Sim Sessions, Special capsule courses for various airline preparation

Actions speak louder than words. At FSTC, we not only speak to our commitment of delivering the best and hand holding candidates until they achieve what they have aimed for, but we put it into action by supporting them at every step of their ladder up their career. Providing time to time Simulator Sessions, MFTD & special preparatory capsules for airline preparation is USP of FSTC to better serve our trainees and aviation community. FSTC alumni who have been selected by various airlines in India, participated in free simulator & MFTD sessions at FSTC resulting good flying results and bright career.

  • Instructors &Infrastructure

At FSTC, we focus on helping YOU to achieve YOUR goal – to gain needed aviation qualification as an airline pilot. Whether it is a question about Initial Type Rating, Additional simulator training, refresher or something else – our state of art infrastructure &instructors with tons of experience in airline & teaching skills will provide you with the best solutions. When you join FSTC, you become part of FTSC family and our instructors give you enough comfort to make you feel like it. You can come back to us anytime for any support related to your induction in aviation world. Our firmed & friendly instructors will be there to answer any questions you have.

flight simulation in gurgaon

“Weconfirm that “Seeing is believing”. FSTC holds Open House every month and invites aspirants to see and feel the infrastructure created for you. We’ll show you around our unique Simulator Training facility and level D aircraft simulators – the countries First Approved Training Organization (ATO) facility by Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India & European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) that has been specifically designed to train students how to fly big Jet Engine Aircraft like Boeing, Airbus and ATR Turbo prop aircraft”

  • Post training paper work pertaining to DGCA Endorsement

Submissions of documents may not be a task but ensuring that paper work is accurate and according to DGCA compliance is one area which could lead to delay in endorsement. The observations put up by authorities could be disaster if your instructors and examiner are not locally based and unfamiliar with local authority compliance. This could lead to time lapse, hassles and results in opportunity loss. FSTC’s friendly & highly experienced staff will be there to support and follow your endorsement until you get your licensed in hand. We will be always there to answer any questions you have.

  • Flexible sim schedule

We believe in giving enough comfort to trainees to not to miss important tasks while they are on training with FSTC. Our scheduling and planning is always up to cater your last-minute needs, be it official or personal.

  • FREE – 1+1 Renewal

At FSTC we understand the ambiguities & importance of time post your successful completion of training. Opportunities may strike immediately or gets delayed due to unforeseen reasons. To ensure currency of Instrument Rating of type, FSTC is the only organization which provides first renewal due (B-737 Only) after initial type rating completely free of cost.

For More Information About Pilot Training & FSTC courses please mail us at info@fstc.in


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