Company Profile

FSTC, with its State of the Art Training Centre, located at Gurugram, is a leading provider of training support for Aviation Professionals and Airlines. The Centre is dedicated to providing a professional training experience at the best price to meet airline and individual training and rating goals. Our staff and facilities are prepared to deliver the highest quality training at the best value for our customers.


  • DGCA Approved Training Organization "ATO" for Type Rating in Northern India to meet the aviation training requirement.
  • First flight simulator operator in India approved by EASA for aircraft Airbus 320.
  • Full Flight Simulator Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 approved by DGCA, India.
  • The center is architecture to meet global standards of excellence offering integrated training solutions and services to commercial Airlines and individual pilots.
  • The Full Flight Simulators are successfully running from 2012 with 99% uptime.
  • FSTC has professional synthetic flight instructors, technical instructor and performance instructor with immense experiences in the fields of aviation and training.
  • The training devices are brand new with most advanced features that are available in the aircraft. We provide a state of art training with all the facilities for comfortable and professional training.
  • Well-furnished classrooms, Briefing, Debriefing rooms, Pilot Lounge and Library with all training materials and software's.
  • Classrooms are completely digital. The computer work station have latest training Computer Based Training (CBT) software's and manuals.
  • Three levels of power backup to ensure the training capabilities are not compromised in the event of power failure.
  • Building equipped with Air conditioned, access control, CCTV, Fire Control to ensure the safety of the working environment. Whether flying for starting a carrier or working for an airline, our goal is to present you with a well planned programme in a structured yet friendly environment, to provide you with the highest quality and safest flight training possible and to provide the highest standards of support and guidance throughout your training. We have the correct combination of training devices, experienced faculty, a carefully drafted training pattern and experienced engineers for maintenance of simulators and infrastructure.

The center offers courses for revalidation of ratings, renewal of ratings and endorsements for pilots who have had a large break from flying. In addition to these, FSTC also provides a facility for training and endorsement on A-320 and B-737 aircraft. Our simulators are State of The Art full flight Level D simulators, which are feature rich, capable of re-creating any flying scenario. It offers a level of realism that is rarely available in other training devices else-where. 

In the Full Flight Simulator, one can create scenarios such as in-flight fires, electrical failures, hazardous weather, engine failures or a combination of these. Emergencies can be addressed and managed in a safe environment where the consequence of failure is little more than a bruised ego. In our ongoing effort to provide the safest possible learning environment, we ensure that all our simulators are strictly maintained and updated in accordance with all regulations and to the highest standards. 

With the growing needs in the aviation market, pilot training will always be a critical component for safe and efficient flying. FSTC today supports the training needs of SpiceJet, IndiGo, Premier Airlines, AirAsia, Air Vistara and Jet Airways. In addition to pilot training, the centre also caters for corporate and individual pilot training by offering courses in “Special Operations” like RVSM, PBN, EDTO, CRM and AWO. Both initial and refresher courses are offered in these subjects. 

Airlines prefer to outsource training, as they are into the business of travel, not in the business of maintaining a simulator. In addition, FSTC, which secured its TRTO (Type Rating Training Organization) approval in July 2013, caters to CPL holders who seek a self-sponsored type rating either on the Boeing 737 or the Airbus A320, most of whom otherwise would have to go outside the country for their rating. This saves the individual the costs associated with international travel, hassles with visa, and in some cases, the costs associated with accommodation. The same saving applies to airlines as well, which actually reap greater benefits. Every time a simulator session is dry leased, the airline will have to send at least 3 pilots: one instructor, and two who are in need of a session. Taking 3 pilots out of the country, and wasting time associated with their travel to and from India only mean that the crew is less efficiently utilized. 

Unlike other simulators which need spares to be procured via the company, simulators used in FSTC does not require many commercial off the shelf components, which can be locally procured. With electro-pneumatic actuators and the light weight of the simulator, power consumption is lower, allowing the establishment to keep running costs low. This translates into low cost of training, which is offered at FSTC.

Type Of Training At FSTC No. Of Training
Extended Refresher A 320/B 737 482
Special Courses 399
B 737 Type Rating 349
A 320 Type Rating 293
ATR 72 600 Type Rating 53
ATR 72 500 Type Rating 13
Q-400 70
COMPASS Test (Emirates) 50