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The aviation industry is evolving to new heights, and the demand for more air personnel is growing over the years. India is set to fill the need by offering proper education to future aviators. By using FSTC as your training provider, you will surround yourself with India´s biggest providers of candidates to the aviation industry in India. FSTC is an DGCA & EASA Certified Approved and Training Organizations (ATO) and is capable of handling international students as well. Going forward, India with its rich history, diversity, and a rapidly growing economy has all the elements to be one of the most sought-after destinations for aviation training.

What you need to know about FSTC?

FSTC strives to be the leading provider of training programs for aviation professionals and airlines. Offering their programs directly from their training centre in Gurugram, equipped with state of the art technology ensuring the highest quality of training.

Our motto is to bring India up as of the major training hub on a global scale. “We should be very self-sufficient that the rest of the world would look up to us for their aviation training needs. Establishing state of the art ATO & FTO matching global standard training facility in India was my dream". We intend to equip it with the most modern and advanced flight training aircraft in the world and cater to pilots manning modern airline fleets. We also intend to offer training to International pilots who could be the best brand ambassadors for the host country.

We are the largest pilot Training providers in the region with the most number of full flight simulators catering to various fleet types approved by Airbus and Boeing. FSTC have the right blend of ambition and potential to attract international & individual cadets who intend to be an airline pilot. Today FSTC is one of the most rapidly growing companies imparting aviation training on Boeing 737, Airbus A320 & ATR 72-500. The company has a proactive and transparent strategy to support & deliver the training to airlines & individual students. Around Eleven hundred pilots are already trained by FSTC and placed with all the major airlines like Indigo, Vistara, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Air Asia, GoAir, Alliance Air, and Air India.

Available training programs at FSTC.

FSTC is capable of providing initial flight training by domestic and International standards under one roof. Offering full training program from student pilot licenses up to type rating using global training standards at affordable prices. Training will be carried out by flight simulators and Single Engine & Multi Engine aircraft.

  • CPL: http://www.fstc.in/cpl.html​
  • AIRBUS A320:    http://www.fstc.in/airbus-320-type-rating-course.html
  • BOEING B737:   http://www.fstc.in/b-737-type-rating-course.html
  • ATR 72-500:      http://www.fstc.in/atr-72-500-type-rating-course.html
  • ATR 72-600:      http://www.fstc.in/atr-72-600-type-rating-course.html
  • BOEING B-787:  http://www.fstc.in/b-787-type-rating-course.html


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