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The objective of this course is to provide flight crew members with information and theoretical knowledge of the regulations, background and also the use of Reduced Vertical Separation Minima to teach pilots what they need to know to operate an aircraft within Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)/Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS) airspace. 

Course Details:
  • Equipment requirements and regulations
  • Flight planning and communications
  • Contingencies and inoperative equipment.
Course Duration:

RVSM Initials     :04 hrs.
RVSM Refresher :02 hrs.


The objective of this course is to train pilots, who are or will potentially use a PBN procedure in airspace or approaching/departing airports, in PBN procedures and also to teach  pilots the skills and knowledge necessary to fly RNP approaches and departures. Training is designed for trainees with multi-crew experience and without experience on Multi Engine Jet Aircraft. This training integrates both technical and non-technical aspects.

The application of RNAV techniques has been shown to provide a number of advantages over conventional (source-referenced) forms of navigation.

Course Details (RNAV & RNP):
  • User preferred routes-tracks that consider pressure altitude and wind
  • Establishment of more direct route, resulting in shorter flight distances
  • Establishment of dual or parallel routes to accommodate a greater flow of an route traffic
  • Establishment of bypass routes for aircraft overflying high-density terminal areas.
  • Establishment of alternatives or contingency routes, either planned or unplanned
Course Duration:
  • PBN Initials     :08hrs.
  • PBN Refresher :03 hrs
Training is designed for trainees with multi-crew experience and without experience on Multi Engine Jet Aircraft. ETOPS Training is required for twin engine airplanes to operate over a route that contains a point farther than one hour flying time at the normal one-engine inoperative cruise speed (in still air) from an adequate airport.
This course is intended to satisfy the ETOPS initial qualification and recurrent qualification requirements
Course Details:    
  • Initial route Study
  • Adequate Airport
  • One Engine Out Diversion
  • Area of Operations
  • Suitable En-route Alternate Airports
  • Weather Minima for Alternate
  • Runway Conditions
  • Dispatching ETOPS flight
  • Preparing ETOPS operation etc.
Course Duration:

08 hrs.