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IndiGo began its journey in the year 2006. At IndiGo we believe that excellence is not just a milestone but something to be pursued every day by each one of us, in whichever corner of the system we may be.

IndiGo is India's largest low fare domestic airline with a market share of 41.3% per cent (as on , June 2018 ). It also happens to be one of the fastest growing low cost carrier in the world (source: CAPA).

The IndiGo philosophy of three pillars – Low fares, on time performance and a Courteous, hassle-free travel experience has seen the airline soar to new heights. These philosophies have also helped us create a global airline and a great place to work in. The airline in twelve years has grown from a carrier with one plane to a 175 (as on July 2018) without compromising on quality and consistency. IndiGo today is the most reliable airline with one of the highest technical dispatch reliabilities (A320 – 99.82% & ATR – 99.65%) making it an airline with the least number of cancellations in India.

With a fleet of 175 aircraft, 165 being the Airbus A320 and 10 new ATR aircraft, the airline offers approximately 1195 daily flights connecting 46 domestic destinations. IndiGo currently operates international flights to 9 destinations - Bangkok, Dubai, Kathmandu, Muscat, Singapore, Doha, Sharjah, Colombo and Dhaka. The first international flight commenced on September 01, 2011. Since its inception, IndiGo has flown over 267 million passengers (as on 31st July 2018).

The airline has focused on keeping fares low yet providing superior quality service. Our values of “Integrity, Customer Orientation and Future Mindedness” have helped us push our limits to reach for the sky without ever forgetting that these very values are what ground us as people.

These achievements have been a result of not just pursuing excellence in all that we do, but also striving to build a unique brand and culture. IndiGo, as a part of InterGlobe Enterprises, has been ranked as one of the best companies to work for by the Great Places to Work Institute nine years in a row.

We have created an organization where success and progress is based on merit. If you are someone who thrives on challenges, works hard and has boundless enthusiasm then we would like to hear from you.

As we continue to expand operations we offer many career opportunities along with an excellent remuneration package. From creating an army of leaders to one day leading a fleet of hundreds of airplanes, IndiGo runs a robust Cadet Pilot program and Command Upgrade program.

If you are interested in joining IndiGo’s enthusiastic and constantly growing team of aviation professionals as a Junior First Officer, please read the following information carefully and complete the on-line application form at the bottom of this page.

Entry Requirement:

  • Indian National/Foreign Passport Holder with OCI Card
  • Current Indian DGCA issued CPL or higher license. 
  • Current Indian COP/RTR and FRTO Licenses. Valid Indian Class I medical certificate.
  • Valid Passport.
  •  Fluency in English - both written and spoken. 
  • Note…All licenses valid as on date of written examinations

Age Requirement:
Minimum Age: 18 years 
Maximum Age: 38 years, 40 years (for experienced pilots > 400 hrs of flying time)

Flight Experience Required - Junior First Officers:
Minimum 25 hours ME time (no more than 10 hours on Multi engine SIM)

Selection Process:
All shortlisted applicants will go through the following tests: 

  • Written Examinations (Aviation Knowledge Test), 
  • Psychometric and skill evaluation
  • Group Exercise followed by Personal Interview. 

Dates and location shall be advised when you are invited for the selection process. 
Aviation knowledge test: Questions are based on DGCA CAR SECTION 7 Flight Crew Standards Training and Licensing. SERIES B PART IV The ‘cool off’ period, which is the minimum duration a candidate is required to wait before reappearing for the test, will be determined by IndiGo from time to time and communicated by FSTC to the applicants. 
All candidates who score the minimum pass marks, as decided by IndiGo, shall be intimated by FSTC. The results will not be announced on the day of the test. 

The Course:
The IndiGo A320 Type rating program is self-sponsored. The Pilot will fund himself/herself for the type rating program. 
A320 type-qualification training will be conducted at any TRTO authorized by IndiGo. Location will be assigned and communicated to the selected candidates. The course will last approximately 8 weeks. 

What’s Next:
Please email your resume to & with the subject line “ IndiGo Pilot Program – JFO” . Suitable candidates meeting IndiGo’s requirements will be contacted by FSTC. 
We encourage you to keep your information complete and up to date. Credential forms with incomplete and/or lapsed information will not be processed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
We look forward to receiving your application.
In case of any difficulty in the application process, please contact us at 

Email :
Contact Person : Mr. Jeyadev Parthasarathy
Phone no. : +91- 9811051602 

It has come to our notice that certain persons and/or entities allegedly hold themselves out as our authorized agents and offer assistance & help to the prospective candidates to clear the written test and/or other assessments being administered by FSTC. Kindly note that FSTC has not appointed any agent or agency for this task and any such information or communication received from individuals other than the authorized representatives is illegal and fraudulent in nature. Furthermore, the authorized representatives of FSTC can be contacted on You are required to act only on matters published by these representatives after validating the information with them. 
Please note that any action taken by you which is not in line with the guidelines stated above shall not be the responsibility of FSTC.



1. What is the required qualification and experience to apply to the program? 
Current Indian DGCA issued CPL or higher license. Current Indian COP/RTR and FRTO.
Valid Indian Class I medical certificate. Valid Indian Passport
Fluency in English - both written and spoken 

Jr. First Officers:
Minimum 25 hours ME time (no more than 10 hours on Multi engine SIM) 

2. What is the age limitation for the applicants? 
Jr. First Officers: 
Minimum Age: 18 years 
Maximum Age: 38 years, 40 years (for experienced pilots > 400 hrs of flying time)

3. What is the process of selection? 
An eligible candidate will be screened on a series of tests for ability, aptitude and psychological profile to be conducted in India. Successful candidates will be interviewed by IndiGo. Selected candidates will be given a conditional Letter of Intent of Employment by IndiGo. IndiGo will make the arrangement for their Type Rating Training. After successfully completing the Type Rating, IndiGo will conduct a skill evaluation on A320 Simulator.

4. Where will I be trained for A320 Type Rating? 
The A320 type rating training will be conducted at TRTO approved by IndiGo. 

5. Who will arrange my visa for training? 
TRTO will facilitate the Visa process for you but you will be responsible to obtain your own visa & other necessary travel related documents. 

6. Who will make my travel arrangements? 
The candidate is responsible to make his/her own travel arrangements. 

7. Who will pay for my medical Insurance during training? 
You will be required to take a medical insurance on your own. 

8. Where will I stay during training and who will arrange it? 
The exact location will be decided later, however, the training school will make arrangements for your stay. The cost of accommodation will be borne by the candidate. 

9. Who pays for the A320 Type Rating Training? 
The cost of A320 Type Rating training is borne by the candidate. 

10. What additional costs do I have to pay? 
You will be responsible to bear expenses towards, visa, airfare and living expenses at the location of your type rating training. 

11. If I make this investment, will IndiGo guarantee a job? 
IndiGo does not guarantee a job. IndiGo will issue a letter expressing its intention to hire you, subject to meeting the conditions stipulated in the Letter of Intent (LOI). 

12. What kind of employment agreement do I get (permanent/temporary)? 
If you are hired by IndiGo, employment will be permanent in nature. 

13. From what stage in the program will I get paid? 
The payment/remuneration will start the day a pilot joins IndiGo   as a Jr. First Officer. 

14. Once hired, what salary can I expect? 
Successful candidates shall be offered a job with IndiGo, as Jr. First Officers and they would be required to sign a Pilot Employment Agreement. The salary & benefits shall be payable as prevalent on the day of signing the contract agreement by IndiGo. Compensation shall be decided by IndiGo at its sole discretion. 

15. Other benefits 
Provident Fund, Gratuity, Insurance, Medical Insurance, Aircraft Accident, Uniforms, Transportation, Personal travel - As per Company Policy.

16. What bases are available? Will I get my preferred base at the time of joining? 
The allotment of a base will be at the discretion of the company. 
A Pilot may be required to fly the Company’s aircraft from any designated Company Domicile.