Flight Simulation Technique Centre Pvt Ltd offers many advantages for training

  • State of the art training centre with all the facilities for comfortable and professional training.
  • Experienced Professional Synthetic Flight Instructors, Technical Instructors and Performance Instructors available, having immense experience in the fields of Aviation and Training.
  • Advanced Training Equipment used with features duplicating the exact aircraft cockpit. Our advanced, wide-screen visual system technology is especially effective for simulating different airport environments and performing various manoeuvres and letdowns. The technology we have imbibed means better value for our customers.
  • To avail optimum benefits the “Type Rated Training and Endorsement” is carried out in stages. In case of a large break from flying, a few hours on the “Flight Navigational Procedure Trainer”, (FNPT), helps get your ‘hands back at flying’. The next stage on the MFTD/IPT (Multi-Functional Training Device/Integrated Procedural Trainer) helps cover the check-list, familiarize with position of switches and instrumentation in the cockpit. Flying procedures and emergencies are taught and practiced. Usage and hands on practice are given for required instruments. After the stage the pupil is now ready to enter the ‘Flight Simulator’ and put all that he/she has done so far into actual practice in the cockpit. This is where actual flying is taught, practiced and perfected.
  • FSTC offers a modern library well stocked with books and materials on aviation related subjects.
  • FSTC offers the unique advantage of being trained and endorsed by both EASA (European Regulator) and DGCA (Indian Regulator).
  • The training centre is located in the National Capital Region, within a few kilometres from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, enabling the student to save valuable money, at the same time giving the flexibility to be well accessible to the City.